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Natural Materials

Imaginative Play



The Sarah's Silks Primary Playsilk Set includes six playsilks featuring the primary colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple! Sustainably made from lightweight, 100% pure mulberry silk, the playsilks are inspiring, magical toys that your little ones will be drawn to play with time and time again!

The simplicity and open-ended nature of the playsilks tap directly into the child’s creative potential.

  • Open-ended play - allows children to express their imagination and support their independence
  • Nourishing the senses - gives the child an amazing tactile experience
  • Growing with the child -  allows for a limitless range of play possibilities, and years of lasting play value
    Additional Details
    • Dimensions: 35" x 35"
    • Made of 100% pure mulberry silk 
    • Care instructions: hand-wash with mild shampoo or dish soap and warm water. Hang dry and iron on medium to restore shine.
    About the Brand

    Sarah’s Silks is a family-owned brand specializing in crafting sustainable, open-ended toys for children using earth-friendly materials. Drawing from the philosophies of Waldorf education and her own childhood of imaginative play, Sarah has been designing Playsilks and other natural, eco-friendly wooden and silk toys for over 29 years.

    Shipping & Returns
    • Ships from Sarah's Silks to the contiguous United States

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