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Dear Parents,

We were moms-to-be, working at the same company, when we met. We shared the experience of preparing for our daughters’ arrivals together. Endless hours of researching and shopping for the right items to ensure they would be happy and healthy was overwhelming. After our babies arrived, we repeated this process again and again as they grew so rapidly. Only this time, without the nine-plus months to prepare—in fact, we barely had time for a shower.

Of all our shopping woes, shopping for shoes was the most frustrating. Not knowing which shoes would support healthy development and which sizes were right for their little feet, combined with how quickly our kids were growing, made it difficult to keep up. Talking to other parents, we quickly discovered we weren’t alone. Most parents were resorting to ordering multiple styles and sizes online just hoping one would fit. Often, parents still ended up with the wrong size.

Parenting is hard. Shopping for your child shouldn’t be.

The truth is, the problem is much bigger than most parents know. Even if you get the size right, the majority of kids’ shoes on the market are mini-me versions of adult shoes with raised heels, rigid soles, and narrow toe boxes. Poorly fitting shoes are bad for our children’s feet development and movement — by age six, 60% of kids have lost some anatomical and functional health in their feet due to improper shoes. 

That is why we created a better shoe, made just for kids, and a new way of shopping for parents. After dozens of prototypes, hundreds of fittings, and more playdates than we can count, we’re here to help you give your children everything they need to grow up big and strong—starting with their ten little toes.

Fatma & Julie

Medical Advisors

Dr. Farah Alani

Award winning podiatrist specialized in personalized foot care for adults and children

Dr. Tanya Altmann

Nationally recognized pediatrician, author and editor of the American Academy of Pediatrics books, mom of three


At Ten Little, we create healthy products for both our children and the planet. We are always looking to source the highest quality materials with the smallest impact to our environment.

Approved Vegan by PETA, our shoes are cruelty-free, made without animal products or by-products. We choose to use natural and recycled components when possible on every aspect of our products and packaging. Our vegan leather is PVC and phthalate-free, our outsoles are uniquely made with natural rubber from the milk of the Hevea tree and our insoles include recycled rubber.

Soles4Souls provides shoes to people who need them most—creating sustainable jobs in the process. We partner with them to put the shoes littles grow out of so quickly to good use. 

If you size up with us, we will automatically include a prepaid shipping label in your reorder to donate your child’s outgrown shoes.

While our choices are an important step towards a more sustainable future, we are committed to continuously reducing our environmental impact.

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