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Dear Parents,

We were moms-to-be, working at the same company, when we met. We shared the experience of preparing for our daughters’ arrivals together. Endless hours of researching and shopping for the right items to ensure they would be happy and healthy was overwhelming. After our babies arrived, we repeated this process again and again as they grew so rapidly. Only this time, without the nine-plus months to prepare—in fact, we barely had time for a shower.

We know first-hand how overwhelming and confusing shopping for kids can be as their needs constantly evolve with growth. The current kids’ shopping options lack expert curation and testing and do not provide personalized guidance around a child’s own developmental patterns, when in reality, each child is unique and ever-evolving.

Parenting is hard. Shopping for your child shouldn’t be.

That is why we created Ten Little with better products for kids, and an easier way of shopping for parents. Through our personalized platform, the first of its kind, we want to remove the guesswork, mental load, and heavy-lifting out of finding the healthy essentials for your kids at every size and stage, so that you can spend more on the things that matter. 

Parenting takes a village, and we are honored to be part of yours.

Fatma & Julie

Healthy essentials for baby and kids at every stage

Medical Advisors

Dr. Farah Alani

Award winning podiatrist specialized in personalized foot care for adults and children

Dr. Tanya Altmann

Nationally recognized pediatrician, author and editor of the American Academy of Pediatrics books, mom of three


At Ten Little, we believe it's our responsibility to create a more sustainable future for our little ones.

Foundational to our mission is creating and curating healthy products for both our children and the planet. As a company, we always look to source the highest-quality materials with the smallest impact on our environment and bring mission-aligned sustainable brands onto our platform.

We choose to use natural, recycled, and organic components when possible on every aspect of Ten Little products and packaging. We ensure that every product we make has been tirelessly tested and vetted by experts for the highest quality and safety standards. Our best-in-class partner brands similarly offer a range of high quality, safe, and sustainable products. Before any product is added to our platform, we obtain and review the brand’s reports and evaluate the materials used. Quite frankly, if we would not give it to our kids, we wouldn't sell it.

We know that sustainable production standards and materials are only a small part of reducing our carbon footprint. That's why giving back has been core to our platform. Since our launch, we’ve partnered with Soles4Souls, who provides shoes to people who need them most—creating sustainable jobs in the process. With your help, we have donated and put thousands of shoes little ones grow out of so quickly to good use. We’re currently working on expanding our donation program to include all of the categories and brands on our platform.

While our choices are an important step towards a more sustainable future, there is more work to do and we are committed to continuously improving our environmental impact.

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