Educating AMY

Fairy Quiet Book

The Fairy Quiet Book is a fairytale-themed mini-book that combines practical skills such as lacing, buttoning (on an elasticated cord), zipping, snaps and Velcro. Included in this sweet little book is a castle filled with practical skills activities, a gorgeous unicorn with braidable hair (great for practicing bilateral coordination), a little fairy with four different outfits, a dresser with a magnetic fishing game, a mirror, and a button maze that can be used for color matching, counting, and basic math.

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Additional Details
  • Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 3.5"
  • Made of high-quality cotton blend and OEKO-TEX® felt fabric. Each book is 100% sewn cloth and heirloom quality.
  • Care instructions: If a page requires cleaning, spot wash the area with a gentle detergent and warm water and rub until clean then rinse with warm water. Pat with a towel to remove excess moisture then air dry.
  • Ages 18M-3.5Y
About the Brand

Educating AMY manufactures handmade quiet books that are grounded in scientific developments, strong social values and play. Their books are compact, soft, fabric busy books packed with age-appropriate, brain building activities that encourage confidence and problem-solving on every page. They also provide education for girls living in poor economic communities to end poverty.

  • Ships from Educating AMY to the contiguous United States within 5 business days