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Take a step out of your daily routine with uLace no-tie children's shoe laces! Made of stretchy elastic, uLace laces pair perfectly with our Classic Sneakers to help with quick on-and-off. Never worry about laces coming untied, and watch your child gain independence as they slip their shoes on with ease! Different color options allow kids to personalize their shoes, and swap out their laces for a unique look.

Additional Details
  • Dimensions: 2" across, stretches to 2.85"
  • Made of high-quality woven poly-lycra blend
  • Includes 2 packs of 6 laces each to accommodate a full pair of sneakers
  • One size fits most
  • Ages 3-12
About the Brand

uLace strives to empower "U" to customize your shoes and show off your unique personality. For 12 years, uLace has created unique and modern elastic laces that help you focus on enjoying life without worrying about tying your laces.

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