Sensory Walk
Many sensory play activities are focused on children using their hands, but this activity is unique in that it encourages sensory exposure with their feet! This DIY activity is wonderful for encouraging sensory input using materials you already have at home.

  • You can create this from any safe, textured materials you have at home. Some ideas are:
    • Grass mat
    • Shaggy rug
    • Carpet samples
    • Recycled items from packaging such as bubble wrap and packing paper
  1. Cut materials into squares or rectangles large enough for your little one to walk over.
  2. Tape materials onto the floor using painter's tape.
  3. Model to your child how to walk over the sensory walk.
  4. As your child is walking, they are being exposed to a variety of textures, such as soft, bumpy, smooth.
  5. Use this opportunity to help your little one describe what they're feeling to promote vocabulary development.

Skills Addressed:
  • Sensory skills
  • Vocabulary development
  • Self-regulation 
Extensions & Adjustments:
  • Take this activity outside! Make designated areas of soft-edged rocks, grass, hay, dirt, leaves, and water. You can even space these areas out to encourage greater gross motor play. This activity incorporates new textures such as wet and hard, with the added benefit of getting outdoors!

Author: Erica