Therapy Dough



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Made in the USA

This Therapy Dough is a great way to get rid of stress through sensory play and keep restless hands busy! Blended with pure essential oils and vegetable pigments to create a calming, fragrant, tactile experience, little ones can inhale slowly and exhale completely while playing with the dough. Featuring 4 uplifting scents including sweet orange, calming lavender, lemon drop and mojito, this set of 12 dough tubs will truly get all of little's senses working!
Additional Details
  • Made of ‎organic GMO therapy putty. All materials are plant based. Made with natural ingredients (including colors and scents) and blended with essential oils.
  • Ages 5+
About the Brand

Eco-kids strives to simplify children's toys and emphasize the joy of discovery, imagination, and learning. This mission driven company is passionate about reducing kids' screen time by offering wholesome, healthy and unique toys. Eco-kids works to reduce plastic use with their packaging and uses only the most sustainable ingredients and practices in each thoughtfully designed product.

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