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Delta Rainbow Kite



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Nature Connection

Sparks Curiosity

Gross Motor Skills


The beautiful Delta Rainbow Kite is easy and fun to fly, even for light winds! With a pleasant pull and very stable & reliable flight characteristics, the kite is suitable for playtime anytime! The kite features an easy "no knot" line attachment so that your little one doesn't need to fuss with knots; just attach the easy clip onto the bridal point and they'll be ready to fly! A nylon bag for storage is included for convenience.

Additional Details
  • Dimensions: 54" x 39"; line: 130 ft
  • Made of ripstop polyester and frame is made of 4 carbon
  • Ages 5+
About the Brand

HQ Kites offers recreational and performance kites that are fun for all ages, from high quality Single line Kites, Sport Kites, and Power Kites to durable outdoor Wind Spinners. They have been committed to the very best quality and designs worldwide for over 20 years.

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