Join us in celebrating some of the amazing women of our community. 

As a company founded by two moms, we at Ten Little, wanted to be the first to wish all the moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day. Today, and everyday, we see you, we admire you, and we’re totally in awe of your super strength.
Whether its braving an illness with a smile, throwing a virtual birthday party, or literally just surviving another day, all moms deserve to be celebrated. We thank you for all that you do. 
And in case you needed reminding: Every mom is a supermom.


Ten Little Supermom: Amanda

I know no one more deserving of the title Supermom than my sister, Amanda! Two years ago, she lost her 20 month old daughter Edie to cancer, and just hours later she gave birth to Edie's sister, Eleanor. She continues to be the most incredible mother to both - raising a now two year old to love life and honoring Edie through her advocacy work for pediatric cancer research and end of life care and her graduate study in social work with a focus on palliative care.

—Erin, Amanda’s sister (featured below)


Ten Little Supermom: Sadaf


We threw my daughter a Wonder Woman-themed party for her 4th birthday. Several weeks later, she asked me if I was a Wonder Woman (I told her yes, of course), and asked to see my cape. “Shhhh my cape is hidden, I don't show my cape to anyone,” I said. Every now and then, she'll ask to see my cape and I have to keep reminding her that adult Wonder Women don't show their capes, they just are Wonder Women.

—Sadaf, nominated by her friend Farah



Ten Little Supermom: Lacy


I was diagnosed with Triple Negative breast cancer on January 29th. I have now completed 12/20 weeks of chemotherapy, and will have surgery sometime in July. I am also a nurse and because of COVID-19, am unable to work at this time. Being in active treatment means I am immunocompromised, and the only time I can leave the house is for my weekly chemotherapy sessions. I am so appreciative of my oncology team that continues treatments for cancer patients during this pandemic. I have my bad days but I am extremely hopeful for the future. I am so lucky to have the sweetest family, my daughter and loving husband. They are my everything, and cancer anxiety doesn’t stand a chance over a wild 2 1/2 year old running around the house saying the silliest things and giving all the hugs. My husband has picked up so much of the parenting and housework slack, and has been my steady hand throughout our 11 years together, but now more so than ever. Only 8 more chemotherapy sessions to go now, please wish me luck and pray for me and my family on this journey.

—Lacy, nominated by her husband


Ten Little Supermom: Amber


I'm a Supermom because when schools were shut down I immediately put my kids on a homeschooling routine that they LOVE. They know that if they want to learn something all they have to do is ask, and I'll put it in our curriculum. Along with teaching my three school-age kids full-time, I am also finding ways to keep my 8-month (who loves all things movement at the moment) crawling, walking, and happy!

I'm also not letting all these changes bring down my family. We journal daily and talk about our emotions. When the kids express that they are missing someone we FaceTime with them, call them, or write to them. I've set up driveway dance parties with the neighbor kids and karaoke nights. My family is not only surviving during this pandemic. We're thriving.


Ten Little Supermom: Niesha

I’m a “Supermom” because I’m a single mother who cares for three little ones (7,3,2) and no matter the chaos they make me appreciate life so much more.


Ten Little Supermom: Colleen


My friend Colleen is the most incredible mom (and new proud aunt!) In the past year her mother, husband, and father all faced significant health obstacles and she has been the main source of guidance and strength for each of them, leading through every challenge with grace. She arranges and attends all doctors appointments, coordinates their care and completely dedicates herself to their recovery. She does this all while being an amazing mother and a badass corporate lawyer.

—Colleen's friend


Ten Little Supermom: Bess


Bess is running a custom bracelet business at home while taking care of her 1 year old baby girl and homeschooling her 5 year old son while being a supportive friend, daughter and wife.

—Bess’ friend


Ten Little Supermom: Jennifer

I was previously working full-time at a law firm while also trying to help my non-verbal toddler with speech and other developmental delays. I was laid off from my job of 13 years due to Covid-19 at the end of March. While I panicked a little, I realized it has actually been a blessing of sorts because now I get to work with my 3 year-old son full-time and get to now see the small, but mighty achievements as they happen! At times I feel helpless and wonder if I am doing enough but I know that as long as he is being loved and learning and is happy I am a Supermom.


Ten Little Supermom: Rachel

I'm nominating myself because my little guy, who has been walking for two months already, just turned one. We had latching problems in the beginning, but I've now made it just past a year after exclusively pumping. It's been a long, hard road, but I'm so proud of my decision to keep going every time I look at my amazing little man. My heart is so full! And, now I'm ready to sleep past 5am for the first time in over a year!


Ten Little Supermom: Erin

If I meet the status of Supermom then so does my sister. Not only has Erin bravely walked this path with me, but she is an agent of change and co-author to a ground breaking parental leave policy at the New York Times, breast cancer survivor who courageously continued working throughout treatment and an inspiring mother to two girls of her own.

—Amanda, Erin’s sister (featured above)


Ten Little Supermom: Tayloe

I am a super mom because I am surviving everyday with my busy 11 month old while my husband’s military deployment keeps getting extended for Covid. We play outside, ride bikes and make lots of obstacle courses with our couch cushions.


Ten Little Supermom: Meagan

I have two babies but one is up in heaven. I guess the fact that I get up everyday and ‘’mom’ is a great step. I cook breakfast for him every single morning and then we take our stroll together. I try to be the best mom I can be because it’s like I got a second chance at being one.