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maternity clothes (especially size large) diapers (especially size newborn, 4 and 5) wipes bottles and sippy cups (Dr. Brown and/or Playtex *Drop-Ins and VentAire) personal toiletries (such as baby shampoo and wash) baby clothes (size 0 to 5T) toddlers’ underwear (boys & girls sizes 4T and 5T especially) toddlers socks (boys & girls) baby furniture (cribs, high chairs, pack 'n plays, bouncers, toddler beds, potty chairs) baby gates educational toys (wooden toys, blocks, puzzles, magnetic letters/numbers, flash cards, shape sorter, teething rings, rattles, etc.) children’s books (especially board books, and black/red/white books) pregnancy and parenting books


The Community Crossing (CCX), formerly known as McDowell Mission, is an independent, non-profit organization and our number one goal is to seek out where God is working and to join Him in it. McDowell County, West Virginia is most often defined by what it once was in the “golden era” of the coal mining industry. But we, however, prefer to focus on what God is doing now, and how to better reach and impact the people around us for the future.


By Appointment
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