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Please only small items at drop off locations. No large bins or baby equipment. Items Accepted Items Accepted Diapers: All sizes Pull-ups: All sizes Wipes Clothes Bottles Pacifiers Bibs Blankets Diaper Bags Books Toys Strollers New Car Seats Pack and Plays High chairs Bouncy seats Portable swings Hygiene items New Breast Pumps Towels Washcloths We accept the following items gently used if they have been purchased in the last FIVE years: Bouncy seats Clothes Strollers Towels Washcloths Diaper bags Books High Chairs Bibs Blankets Pack and Plays Portable Swings We accept the following items NEW ONLY: Car seats Toys Bottles Breast Pumps Pacifiers Cribs We do NOT accept the following items: Play structures Race tracks Outside toys Ride on toys Sports equipment or uniforms Bathing suits Exersaucer Large swings Jumpers


There was no coordinated effort to collect and distribute essential baby items or period products to women and children in need. After watching moms having to use plastic grocery bags for diapers or washout and reuse disposable diapers, she knew something needed to be done. There are no public assistance programs to provide for diapers or period products. Parents were missing work because of diaper need, babies were experiencing severe diaper rash infections and teen girls were missing a week of school a month because of a lack of period products. Combining her passion for motherhood and social work, Jamie Lackey founded Helping Mamas out of her garage. Collecting baby supplies from friends and family members and then distributing them to social workers serving women and children. By 2018, Helping Mamas had grown into a 9,000 square foot building where we operate today. Serving nearly 60,000 children a year and distributing 2 million essential items to the community. Helping Mamas has grown to fight diaper need and period poverty throughout the state of Georgia and in Knoxville, TN.


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