Tummy Time Hoop

This post will show you how to take some everyday items and turn them into a tummy time hoop that will encourage a variety of tummy milestones like reaching, rolling and pivoting. If your baby struggles to enjoy tummy time, using this hoop can make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone! 

  • A hula hoop
  • A variety of sensory items such as a loofa, gift wrap ribbons, tulle, or anything with a fun color or texture (get creative with this!) 
  • Zip ties
  1. Find a hula hoop at a local dollar store - you don’t need anything fancy. It should be big enough for your baby to lay in the middle of it fully outstretched and still have some extra space.
  2. Gather your sensory or textured items and lay them out around the hoop. Get as creative as you want during this step, just keep in mind that it should be safe for your baby to play with. Babies love to explore things with their mouths, which is so important to developing oral motor skills as well as improving hands to midline and hands to mouth skills.
  3. Attach each of your items to the hoop using the zip ties. This will ensure that the items don’t come off and create a choking hazard for your baby. Be sure to use brightly colored items (contrasting colors are very stimulating for babies, as are black and white contrasting patterns) with various textures to encourage your baby to use the visual motor system to explore the different items. 
  4. Place your baby in the middle of the hoop and let them explore the items you’ve secured to it. Watch your baby lift their head, look both directions, reach forward and shift weight on the tummy. If your baby is 5+ months, you may also see some pivoting in a circle to explore items all the way around the hoop.
Skill areas addressed: 
  • Gross motor skills
  • Tummy time
  • Lifting the head in tummy time
  • Reaching in tummy time
  • Pivoting in tummy time
  • Sensory exploration

Author: Brittany Gardner