Block Tower Kicks
Once babies begin walking they will start to do things like walk sideways, walk backwards, run, and kick! A great way to work on these higher level coordination skills is kicking over a tower. This activity requires very few materials and is sure to bring a smile to your little one's face!

  • Blocks (any kind), or you can use Tupperware or cardboard boxes to stack 
  1. Spread the blocks out on the floor to let your child know it’s time to play! 
  2. Build a tower with them. Stacking blocks helps to build fine motor skills, problem solving skills, cause and effect, and spatial awareness. 
  3. Have the child pick what they want to be- be it a dinosaur, giant, or robot, and have the child kick the tower down with their feet! This exposes them to pretend play for their growing imagination and language skills. Kicking it down also builds balance, coordination, and strength! 
  4. Repeat! 
      Skill areas addressed:
      • Gross motor skills
      • Coordination
      • Problem solving
      • Cause and effect
      • Spatial awareness
      • Motor control
      • Balance
      • Strengthening
      • Language skills
      Extensions and adjustments:
      • Ages 3 and up: Try knocking down one block off the top at a time. Take turns- whoever knocks the whole tower down loses! This one works well with larger blocks or with boxes. 

      • Ages 18 months - 24 months: Help support your child's weight by letting them hold your hand for balance.

      Author: Kassi Hemming