Bib'Expresso Bottle Prep



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The Bib'Expresso Bottle Prep simplifies the process of bottle prep so that you can have your baby's bottle ready in 30 seconds! It heats water very quickly to your desired temperature (72°F or 98°F) and dispenses it directly into your baby bottle with the press of a button.

The perfect solution for those late-night feedings, when baby is crying, or you need a bottle ASAP, the Bib'Expresso Bottle Prep also features a removable and portable top compartment that can be used as a water bath to heat up prepped formula bottles, bottles of breastmilk, or baby food jars.

Top features include:
- The fastest bottle prep: get perfectly heated water in 30 seconds so baby doesn't have to wait
- Simple and intuitive: prep a formula bottle with one hand
- Distributes perfectly heated water directly into the bottle at the touch of a finger: simple and easy to use
- Direct control of the water temperature with 2 temperature options: 72°F (room temperature) or 98°F (body temperature)
- Removable and portable bottle and food warmer compartment that can be used to reheat prepped formula bottles, bottles of breastmilk and baby food jars
- Streamlined and compact design: easy to store
- Auto shut off
- Fits most bottles

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Additional Details
  • Dimensions: 7.4" x 7.4" x 13"
  • Made of plastic, stainless steel, and silicone
  • Free of BPA, lead, BPS, and phthalate
  • Care instructions: sponge clean with soapy water and regular descaling with vinegar
About the Brand

For over 25 years, BÉABA (pronounced bay-ah-buh) has been known and loved worldwide for its French-inspired baby products including feeding accessories, gear, and apparel. Innovative and luxurious, Béaba products help make parenting as easy as possible without sacrificing style.

Shipping & Returns
  • Ships from Béaba to the contiguous United States 
  • This product is not eligible for any discounts or promotional codes

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