Should my child keep wearing diapers at night and naptime? What should I do about my child wetting the bed?

Yes, it is normal and expected for your child to keep wearing diapers at night and during naptime while potty training. Daytime training is typically achieved before nighttime training. This is because the ability to control one’s bladder overnight is typically not achieved until closer to age 4 or 5, sometimes even 6. Overnight bladder control is a physiological process in the body that is dependent on your child’s individual maturation so it is recommended to keep your child in diapers overnight even after they are officially wearing underwear during the day. Just try to stay consistent so that your child knows their diaper or pull-up is *only* for nighttime. You can start getting into the routine of limiting liquids and using the toilet right before bedtime as they work towards staying dry overnight.

Once your child begins to wake up in the morning with a dry diaper, you may begin the switch to underwear overnight. Some children may continue to wet the bed even after this switch has occurred.

So, what can you do to address bedwetting and make your child feel comfortable?

  • Be gentle with your child: It’s important to be honest with your child about the situation and not blame them for this action that is out of their control. It’s recommended to stay away from punishment and try not to make it a big issue, in order to help your child feel safe and comfortable. Ensure that older siblings do not tease your child for this behavior. 
  • Protect the bed: Purchase a plastic mattress cover to protect the mattress from smells and stains.
  • Let your child help: Have your child help change the sheets to teach responsibility.  


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