How do I keep up our potty training routine if I’m on the go?

Schedule plenty of bathroom breaks. It’s easy to get distracted when you’re visiting with family or exploring a new place. To minimize accidents and keep up with your potty training routine, set an alarm for every 30 minutes or so as a reminder to take a bathroom break or at least check in with your little one.

Establish some rules ahead of time. The secret to potty training on the go is to be flexible. It may be helpful to stick to diapers for long car rides or waits at the airport as your child is learning, but you can switch to underwear when you get to your destination to continue the potty training that has already been established.

Prepare for portable potty training. If it makes sense, travel with your potty trainer. You can use a disposable plastic bag to line your potty training toilet to make cleanup on-the-go a little easier. 

Be prepared for accidents. Being away from home and their usual routine can really mess with your toddler’s potty training progress, so don’t be surprised if they have more accidents than usual. Always pack an extra outfit or two, and clean underwear and wipes in your bag so you’re ready to roll as soon as they’re cleaned up.


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