How can I prepare my child for potty training?

So, your little one is showing signs of emotional and physical readiness for potty training - what’s next? Preparing your little one for this process is crucial for alleviating any of their fears and anxieties and making sure the training sticks. Here are some potty training preparation tips:

  • Introduce relevant vocabulary:

    Introduce words that describe the act of using the toilet, including “pee,” “poop,” and “potty.” Familiarizing your child with these words will help them express their needs when they’re ready to go! Ask your child to verbalize when they need to use the potty and whether they need to pee or poop. 
  • Explain proper hygiene:

    Teach your little one how to go to the bathroom safely, including how to wipe and how to wash their hands afterward.
  • Build a schedule:

    Identify instances when your toddler seems ready to use the toilet and suggest they try using the toilet. For example, you can say, “Let’s try to use the potty” when your toddler gives you cues that they may need to do so. This will help them associate the words with the actions and identify the feelings associated with these urges. Try to stay within close proximity of a toilet, if possible, so your little one can get there, fast!
  • Practice, Practice:

    Have your child practice sitting on the toilet or potty trainer to familiarize them with the sensation. Praise your child for sitting and trying, regardless of whether they actually went pee or poop.
  • Switch to potty training panties or underwear:

    Once your little one starts to understand the process and uses the toilet successfully for a few weeks, you can try switching to underwear to further the transition.


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