When should I transition my baby from a bottle?

You can offer straws and open cups around 9 months of age. Straws and open cups can help babies fully wean from the bottle when they’re ready. It is important that babies transition from the bottle around 12-15 months so they can progress with feeding and drinking skills. Continuing to eat and drink from a bottle past age 1 may hinder your child’s appetite and put them at risk for tooth decay due to the sugars in milk. 

Some babies are able to switch right to a cup from a bottle, and others may need some time to get used to this new experience. This may take some time, as it’s a big transition for babies! Be patient with your child and try to remain consistent with offering the cup instead of the bottle. It’s normal for babies to protest this change, but remaining firm with the cup after introducing it will help the transition in the long run. Morning or daytime feedings are often easier to transition than nighttime. At their first birthday, doctors often suggest switching from formula or breastmilk to whole milk and this may be a natural time to transition their cup as well.

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