How should I feed my baby? What are my options?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends exclusively breastfeeding or formula-feeding babies for the first six months of their lives, with a transition to solid foods along with breastmilk or formula through their first year and even beyond. After your child’s first birthday, most pediatricians will recommend transitioning to whole milk.

While breastfeeding is a great source of nutrition for babies, it may not be possible or even preferable for all new parents. Depending on the mother’s choice, lifestyle, work arrangements, parental leave, and the baby’s ability to latch successfully and comfortably, among other factors, breastfeeding and pumping may not always be easy or possible. For these reasons, formula-feeding babies is also a great way to have their nutritional (and emotional) needs met. It’s important to know that whatever feeding option you choose (even a varying combination of both formula and breastmilk), the only “right” answer is the one that’s right for your family and keeps your baby fed. If you’re wondering what feeding options are right for your baby, talk to your pediatrician. 

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