Are there any unsafe foods for babies?

While it’s a good idea to introduce a variety of solid foods to your baby, there are a few foods you will want to limit or avoid in the early months and years.

  • Honey: Honey should be avoided before your child’s first birthday because it harbors spores that can cause botulism, a rare but serious illness that affects the nervous system.
  • Whole milk and unpasteurized foods: Don’t feed your baby whole milk until after their first birthday and avoid unpasteurized foods like fresh juice and ciders, raw milk, or raw or partially cooked eggs. Unpasteurized foods can put your child at unnecessary risk for becoming ill.
  • Raw and undercooked meat: Avoid raw and undercooked meat, poultry, and shellfish to limit any exposure to unwelcomed bacteria.
  • Raw sprouts: Raw sprouts may carry dangerous bacteria due to the warm conditions needed for growth. It’s best to skip any raw sprouts as your little one is building up their immune system.

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