Healthy essentials at every stage

Doctor recommended. Parent approved.

2 out of 3 kids are wearing the wrong shoe size.

We created Ten Little to give kids and parents something better — shoes designed just for littles with tools that make getting the right fit now, and later, as easy as a-b-c.

Healthier for Littles

We design our shoes with pediatricians and podiatrists to support natural growth in little feet.

Easier for Parents

We’ll help you find your child’s fit faster, remind you when it’s time to size up, and let you re-order instantly.

Fun-ctional for All

From character insoles to specialty stickers, our shoes are built to bring kids and parents together for play.

A big step forward for kid's shoes.

No! Mini-Me Design

Our shoes follow the naturally asymmetric shape of little feet to allow healthy development—with plenty of room for wiggles.

No! Heel Lift

Most shoes have a raised heel which pushes children’s feet forward and cramps their ten little toes. Our soles are non-sloping with rounded edges, just like their feet!

No! Forced Movement

Our shoes provide the perfect blend of ground feedback and support for freedom of movement and play.

No! Misfit Sizing

We offer easy fitting tools, personalized size-up reminders, and 30-day returns for free. We built a fit indicator into our insoles, so you’ll always know the size is right.

No! Dirty Footprints

Our PETA-Approved shoes are made with materials such as vegan leather, recycled cotton and natural rubber from the milk of the Hevea tree. When your child is ready to size up, you can donate their old shoes for free.

With you every step of the way.

Kids grow fast. We’ll send you personalized size up reminders when it’s time for new shoes, and let you re-order instantly.

With our partnership with Soles for Souls, you can also donate their old shoes for free.

Find Your Child's Fit

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FUN-ctional by Design

We design with both kids and parents in mind. Our character insoles help your child learn left from right, and let you confirm fit. Our sneaker stickers are perfect for you and your little one to create sneakers as unique as they are.

Doctor recommended. Kid loved. Parent approved.

“Ten Little is the solution parents and pediatricians have been waiting for–shoes that fit perfectly and support proper foot growth.”

Dr. Tanya Altmann

“Ten Little shoes are comfortable, fun, stylish, and most importantly, will nurture healthy development for your child’s growing feet.”

Dr. Farah Alani

“Our toddler loved them! He put them on himself immediately, and was off and racing. I really appreciate the design that takes care of kid’s feet.”

Sophie W.

“My daughter is obsessed with her shoes. She is so excited to put them on every morning! They are the perfect early-walker shoes – so cute and healthy for little feet.”

Jess L.

“I love how durable Ten Little shoes are. They actually last. And those cheetah insoles are genius! I finally know that my son’s shoes actually fit.”

Amy K.

“Bought these for my 2 year old daughter. My favorite part is how lightweight they are. She loves wearing them, so I definitely will be buying them again!”

Danielle G.

“My daughter is getting fussy about what she wears but she loved her Ten Little shoes - stickers were a hit! I love how lightweight and practical they are.”

Lizzy B.

“Ten Little makes it so easy for me to get shoes that fit my kids great and aren’t a hassle to take on and off. I love how obsessed my son is with the sneaker stickers!”

Alliah L.

“I love these shoes for my daughter. They fit perfectly, so easy to put on, and we get so many compliments. I’m so happy to finally find half sizes.”

Jamie R.

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